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   Items will continue to be added  
Field of View    How to determine field of view of telescope and eyepieces
Introduction to Astronomy    24 pages of basic information on telescopes, eyepieces, mounts, etc.
Messier Marathon List 
   A list for viewing the Messier objects in order of appearance for a Messier Marathon in March for the western United States
 Winter Solstice   Talk about the dynamitic Earth and Winter Solstice. History of holidays and ancient civilizations that developed methods of keeping track of time.
 Our Universe    Introduction to our Universe, an in-depth look. From how we see light and record it; information on Earth's dynamics, Climate, etc.; The Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy, Galaxies, The Big Bang, Star formation. and Black Holes.

   Various Web sites related to Astronomy  
  Sites were astronomical related when posted but may have changed. Let me know if any link has changed.
  Astronomy Clubs & Organizations in Pacific Northwest  

Eugene Astronomical Society  Astronomy Club in Eugene, Oregon

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