M 13

The brightest globular cluster in the northern latitudes, M13 shines at magnitude 5 and is visible to the naked eye from a dark sky site. It is approximately 10' in diameter with around 300,000 stars. It is located in western edge of the Keystone in the constellation of Hercules. It takes an 11-12" telescope to resolve the stars, like diamond dust on black velvet. This great cluster of stars lies 25,000 light years from earth. This is roughly one quarter the width of our Milky Way Galaxy. The larger galaxy, upper right-hand corner is NGC 6207 at magnitude 12.2. The smaller galaxy, just to the upper right of the globular cluster, is IC 4617 magnitude 15.5.
Telescope / Lens TEC 140 f/7 980mm
Mount Type Astro-Physics 1200 mount
Camera Canon 20D & Angle C magnifier
 Filters N/A
 Film  Digital
 Exposure 5 minutes x 8 stacked
 Processing Photoshop CS2 Cropped [Click to see uncropped image]
 Date  9-11-2007
 Location June Mountain, South of Eagles Rest, Oregon
 Conditions 3232' magnitude 6.2 Skies; Clear & Steady

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