M 31 Andromeda Galaxy

The Great Andromeda Galaxy is located within the constellation of Andromeda, sharing the 2.06 magnitude star Alpheratz (97.07ly) of the great square of the constellation Pegasus. The Andromeda Galaxy is 175' x 72' (arc minutes), approximately 6x the width of the full moon. It is also know as NGC 224 with an overall brightness of magnitude 4.4 at a distance of 2.5 million light years. Two companion galaxies M 31 & M110 acompany Andromeda, with M110 being the larger of the two.
Telescope / Lens 300mm f/2.8 Camera Lens 300
Mount Type Piggyback on G11 (Stepper)
Camera Canon F-1 with Bright Screen & Angle B magnifier
 Filters 112mm UV
 Film  Kodak E200 (Slide Film) slide # 05
 Exposure 25 minutes; manual guiding FS/78
 Processing Push II, Scanned - 2400 dpi, Photoshop
 Date  8-16-2001
 Location  Oregon Star Party 120° 09' W 44° 18' N
Indian Trail Springs, Ochoco National Forest
 Conditions 5000' magnitude 6.2 Skies; Clear & Steady

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