M 33 Pinwheel (Triangulum) Galaxy

The Pinwheel Galaxy is located in the constellation of Triangulum. This galaxy shines at an overall magnitude of 6.21 and is 70' x 42' arc minutes in size. At a distance of 2.3 million light years it is the second closet spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way. M33 is among the brightest galaxies visible through small telescopes and binoculars. When you look at this galaxy you are looking at light that left it 2.3 million years ago. Some people can actually see this galaxy with the unaided eye at a dark sky site.
Telescope / Lens Orion ED80 Refractor .8 Tele-Vue Reducer f/6
Mount Type G11 Gemini V3
Camera ST8XME (SBIG)
 Filters CFW8a Custom Scientific CRGB
 Film CCD
 Exposure LRGB 115 minutes.; L: 60, R:15, G:15, B:25
 Processing CCDSoft, AIP4Win, Photoshop CS2
 Date  9-29-2006
 Location Eagles Rest, 15 miles South of Dexter, Oregon
122° 44' 07" 38" W - 43° 50' N
 Conditions 2500' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear & Steady

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