M 82 Galaxy

M 82 is a "peculiar" Galaxy within the constellation of URSA Major (Big Dipper) located near the head of the Bear. Its nearby companion M 81 are both readily visible in small telescopes. It has an over-all magnitude of 9 at a distance of 12 million light-years (M81 is the same distance). This galaxy has some unusual dust lanes and red nebula type material is being emitted from top and bottom. These two galaxies can also be viewed with a nice pair of binoculars.
Telescope / Lens TEC 140 f/7
Mount Type Astrophysics 1200
 Filters Astrodon LRGB & Ha
 Film   CCD
 Exposure 135 minutes; LHaRGB (LHa=75,RGB=20@)
 Processing CCDSoft, CCDStack, AIP, Photoshop CS2
 Date  10/25/2008
 Location 25 miles SE of Cottage Grove, Oregon; 122° 52.595' W 43° 31' N
 Conditions 4568' magnitude 6 Skies; Clear & 10 m.p.h. wind

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