NGC 7331 (Deer Lick Group of Galaxies ) & NGC 7320 Stephens Quintet

The upper left is Stephens Quintet and the lower right is the Deer Lick group in the constellation of Pegasus. NGC7331 the largest in the Deer Lock group is 9° Northwest of ß Pegasi. The lower right edge of NGC7331 is pointed North and the companion galaxies are to the East. NGC 7331 resembles what our own Milky Way galaxy would look like some 50 million light years away. This galaxy has an overall brightness of magnitude 10.3 . This group is a nice visual treat in medium to large amateur scope (10" and up) NGC 7331 is 10.6' x 3.8' (the moon is about 28')

Stephens Quintet (upper left) is a small group of interacting galaxies 300 million light years away. You can see the lower two galaxies are interacting and a long arm extents from the one to the right. This detail is readily evident in the full resolution image. NGC7318A & NGC 7318B (magnitude 14) are colliding and nearby NGC 7319 (magnitude 14.4) may also be involved since it has an arm that stretches out. NGC 7320 (Mag. 13.3) is the top oblong one and NGC 7317 (14.8) is out to the left. Out further to the upper right of the main group is NGC 7320C at magnitude 16.6.
Telescope / Lens TEC 140 f/7
Mount Type Astrophysics 1200
 Filters Astrodon LRGB
 Film  CCD
 Exposure 260 minutes (4 hours 20 min); LRGB (L=170,RGB=30@)
 Processing CCDSoft, CCDStack, AIP, Photoshop CS2
 Date  10/25/2008
 Location 25 miles SE of Cottage Grove, Oregon; 122° 52.595' W 43° 31' N
 Conditions 4568' magnitude 6 Skies; Clear & 5-7 m.p.h. wind

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