Saturn, the sixth planet from out from our sun, at approximate distance of 1,426.98 million miles . Saturn shines at an average magnitude of 0 and first observed by Galileo who thought it to be three orbs, he had no context to imagine rings around a planet. The first time one views Saturn through a fair size telescope the beauty and awe of the ringed planet will forever be etched in memory. I will never forget the time I observed Saturn at the Oregon Star Party through a large refractor. The early morning hours produced some very steady seeing and an Astro-Physics 7" APO at very high power produced a razor shape image that was so sharp and crisp with detail, nothing has ever come close since then. So if you get a chance to see Saturn on a really steady night through a large quality instrument don't pass it up, you'll remember it always.
Telescope / Lens Celestron 11" SCT with Tele-Vue 2.5x Powermate f/25 (Fl of 6985mm)
Mount Type Losmandy G11 Mount
Camera Toucam
 Filters IR
 Film  Web Cam
 Exposure 25 frames a second
 Processing Stacked in Registax (443 frame-Stack) Photoshop CS5
 Date August 2005
 Location Eugene, Oregon
 Conditions 600' clear magnitude 5.5 skies, slight breeze, city lights

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