Constellation of Cancer
Film image of the constellation Cancer "The Crab". The central area of blue stars is M44 a nice open star cluster also known as "The Beehive". It contains 75 visible stars with the brightness at magnitude 4.5. This Open Cluster extends 80' (arc minutes) across, and 515 light years from Earth. To the left is a small fuzzy object which is M67a smaller Open cluster of 65 stars a couple of degrees west of the star Acubens. This smaller cluster is only 15' across and some 2700 light years away from Earth.
Telescope / Lens 100mm f/2.8 Canon Camera Lens
Mount Type Piggyback on Losmandy G11
Camera Canon F-1 with Bright Screen & Angle B magnifier
 Filters UV
 Film  Kodak ED200 (Slide Film) #8
 Exposure 8 minutes; manual guiding FS/78
 Processing Push 1, Scanned - 2400 dpi, Photoshop
 Date March 12, 2004
 Location Eagles Rest, south of Dexter, Oregon
 Conditions 2500' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear, steady

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