Cygnus Setting
The Constellation Cygnus (Summer Cross) setting in the West. The very top show NGC 7000 (The North American Nebula) near the star Deneb. The light green glow is the light glow (pollution) from the city of Eugene, Oregon. This image was taken from near Eagles Rest, South of Dexter, Oregon.
Telescope / Lens Canon 35mm lens
Mount Type Piggyback on Losmandy G11
Camera Canon Ftb
 Filters Clear/ UV
 Film  Kodak E200 pushed 1 stop
 Exposure 8 minutes @ f/2.8
 Processing Photoshop CS2
 Date August 20, 2004
 Location Eagles Rest, south of Dexter, Oregon
 Conditions 2500' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear, steady

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