M 81 & M82

Just above center and to the left are two galaxies. The top one is M 82 and below is M 81. Other faint galaxies can be seen in this wide field view just north of the big dipper. Compare this image to star charts to discern the objects. This was taken with hypered Fuji film.
Telescope / Lens 300 f/4 Canon Lens
Mount Type Piggyback on Meade LX200 8"
Camera Canon F1
 Filters 112mm UV
 Film  Fuji Chrome 100/1000 Slide #5 Hypered Film
 Exposure 15 minutes; manual guiding Meade LX200 8"
 Processing Hypered Film Scanned - 2400 dpi, Photoshop
 Date September 10, 1999
 Location Oregon Star Party, Ochoco National Forest, Oregon
 Conditions 5000' magnitude 6.5 Skies; Clear, 12mph wind

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