Constellation of Orion
This image of Orion was captured on film, clearly revealing Barnard's Loop, The Great Orion Nebula, Horsehead and Flame nebula. Faint gas clouds of Hydrogen gas can also be detected throughout this region.
Telescope / Lens 50 f/1.4 Canon Camera Lens stopped down
Mount Type Piggyback on Losmandy G11
Camera Canon F-1 with Bright Screen & Angle B magnifier
 Filters UV
 Film  Kodak ED200 (Slide Film) # 4
 Exposure 10 minutes; manual guiding FS/78
 Processing Push 1, Scanned - 2400 dpi, Photoshop
 Date March 12, 2004
 Location Eagles Rest, south of Dexter, Oregon
 Conditions 2500' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear, steady

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