Orion's Belt
The Horse head and Flame are located to the left and above the left belt star respectively..
The blue nebula, lower left is the "Running Man" and just below is M42 which is out of view.
This image was taken to show what the Canon 20d can do with a single image. It is best to stack many images taken at ISO 100-400 in RAW format. This photo was taken at a higher ISO because it was saved as a large JPEG (not recommended).
Telescope / Lens Canon 200mm lens
Mount Type Piggyback on Losmandy G11
Camera Canon 20d (non-modified) angle finder C
 Filters 77mm UV
 Film  digital ISO 1600
 Exposure 1024 seconds, f/2.8
 Processing Photoshop CS2
 Date March 11, 2005 21:09 hours
 Location June Mountain, south of Dexter, Oregon
 Conditions 3200' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear, steady

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