Orion, Gemini & Taurus
Center top is constellation Taurus the bright yellow star in the "V: of the Hyades is Aldebaran. The bright yellow object to it's left is Saturn. In the middle, just above the trees is Orion. You can readily see the three stars forming his belt. The bright yellow star (Red Giant) to the left is Betelgeuse and the bight blur to the right is Rigel. The brightest star, middle left, is really the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is near the foot of the constellation of Gemini. The two bright stars to the extreme left above the trees are Castor and Pollux. Lots of other objects are visible in the very wide field view of the winter constellations rising in the East.
Telescope / Lens 20mm f/2.8 Canon Camera Lens
Mount Type Piggyback on Losmandy G11
Camera Canon F-1 with Bright Screen & Angle B magnifier
 Filters 112mm UV
 Film  Kodak ED200 (Slide Film) #11
 Exposure 8 minutes; manual guiding FS/78
 Processing Push 1, Scanned - 4000 dpi, Photoshop
 Date September 22, 2001
 Location Pine Mountain Observatory, next to 24" dome, 30 miles east of Bend, Oregon
 Conditions 6500' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear, steady

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