Wide Field View of Canis Major & Sirius (click on image)
This view depicts the lowest visible Declination from one of our observing sites near Snow Peak, approximately 30 miles SE of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Click on the image to see constellation lines. Film is still a viable option for wide field views with just a single exposure. Lots of objects are identifiable in the high resolution scan of the slide used in this image. Many star clusters and small nebula can be located and identified.
Telescope / Lens Canon 35mm f/2 lens stopped down to f/3
Mount Type Piggyback on TEC 140 & Astrophysics 1200 mount
Camera Canon Ftb
 Filters UV
 Film  Kodak ED200 (Slide Film)
 Exposure 8 minutes
 Processing Push 1, Scanned - 4000 dpi (Nikon 5000ED), Photoshop CS2
 Date October 25, 2008
 Location Snow Peak 30 miles SE of Cottage Grove, Oregon
 Conditions 4568' magnitude 6+ Skies; Clear, steady

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